About the company JSC "Elevatormelmash"


For 75 years JSC Elevatormelmash has been the largest supplier of products for the agro-industrial complex of Russia and neighboring countries.





General Director of JSC "Elevatormelmash"

Igor' Vyacheslavovich Kuznetsov

The company produces a wide range of equipment, which includes:

  • mill and elevator equipment;
  • industrial hot water, steam boilers;
  • concrete mixers;
  • metal structures.

History of creation and development of the enterprise:


Construction and early years of operation:


In the same years, a cupola furnace for melting cast iron, with a capacity of 1.5 tons per hour, was commissioned. On an area of 640 sq. m. 200 people worked. After a short time, the connection of metal parts by means of rivets was replaced by electric welding. The machine park expanded rapidly.

During the war and in the first years after its end, the company expanded its range of products: mobile conveyors, technological equipment, gravity pipes, hand and self-propelled dumping carts, parts for grain dryers, laboratory equipment, corn grinders of the "Red Aksai" type.

Post-war years - expansion of production:

Since 1951, the equipment has been updated. New milling, drilling, turning machines appeared, presses, pneumatic hammers, bending and roller machines were installed.


By the end of the 60s, a radical reconstruction of the plant was carried out. The main building, the office building were built, experimental and export sites were opened. The plant has become a modern mechanized, well-maintained enterprise.

From a single small-batch production, a transition was made to medium-batch production. Out of 30 products for agriculture, three had the state "Quality Mark", and their output was 60% of the total production.

The plant supplied products to Mongolia, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Ethiopia, Cuba, Madagascar, Yugoslavia and Hungary. In the 1980s, the plant employed 820 people.

In 1979, an obelisk was erected on the territory of the plant, on which the names of the workers of the enterprise who heroically fought during the Great Patriotic War were carved.

A new milestone in the history of development:

In 1993, the property of the plant was privatized, and JSC Elevatormelmash became the legal successor of the pilot plant.


This is a modern, dynamically developing company that occupies a confident position in the agro-industrial complex market, mastering new types of production and actively conquering new sales territories for its products.

The products of JSC "Elevatormelmash" are used at the enterprises of the South, the Volga region and Central Russia, as well as in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova and Belarus. A large number of successful partnerships confirms the quality of products and services provided for the installation of equipment and its maintenance.

In 2013, a major modernization of equipment was carried out. Introduced into operation: a waterjet cutting machine, a four-roll CNC machine and a CNC sheet bending machine, which immediately made it possible to increase the quality of products by an order of magnitude, reduce the labor intensity of processes, and also increase the range of products.

Today the enterprise JSC "Elevatormelmash" produces more than two hundred types of mill and elevator equipment, more than twenty-five types of industrial boilers and more than twenty types of tillage equipment.

Дипломы АО "Элеватормельмаш"
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