Rotary valve

Rotary valves У10-ШУ-15 and У10-ШУ-6 are intended for output of the product to be transported from unloading cyclone separators of pneumatic handling plants and output of dust from cyclone dust collectors of aeration devices, to ensure air-tightness of plants at enterprises engaged in grain conservation and processing.

Airlock type У10-ШУ-15, У10-ШУ-6 - фото - 4

Airlock type У10-ШУ-15, У10-ШУ-6

Sluice gates У10-ШУ-15 and У10-ШУ-6 (hereinafter referred to as the gate) are designed to remove the transported product from cyclones-unloaders of pneumatic conveying installations and remove dust from cyclones-dust collectors of aspiration installations. , ensuring the tightness of installations at enterprises for the procurement and processing of grain.
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