Spare parts for elevator equipment

Elevatormelmash JSC is the leading supplier of spare parts for mill and elevator equipment (such as hydraulic jack, pumping station, hydraulic distribution valve) in Russia.

We manufacture spare parts for mill and elevator equipment, which meet all modern requirements. Please find below the list of spare parts for elevators manufactured by Elevatormelmash JSC:

Spare parts for all types of bucket conveyers:

    bucket conveyer belts

    bucket conveyer bolts with reinforced head, Ø30 mm, М8*35,М10*40

    solid-drawn buckets with and without bottom for bucket conveyer

    heads, boots and drums for them

    bucket conveyer ducts

    explosion relief devices for bucket conveyer heads

    bucket conveyer belt speed and drift control devices.

Spare parts for belt conveyers (transporters):

    conveyer belts

    rollers for belt conveyers with belt width 500, 650, 800 mm.

    roller supports with tilt 300 and 450 for belt conveyers with belt width 500, 650, 800 mm.

    driving and tensioning drums

    power-drive and tension stations

    throw-off carriages of top-gallery belt conveyer

Spare parts for chain conveyers (transporters):

    chains for chain drag conveyers.

Gravity-flowing elevator equipment:

    grain gravity flows

    manually-operated and electrically powered gates 200*200, 300*300, 450*450

    single and double outputs, sectors, adapter sleeves

    manually-operated and electrically powered reversing valves

Spare parts for truck unloaders of type ГУАР, УРАГ, УРАГ-У:

    telescopic hydraulic jack ГУАР.30М.03.43.000-01-М, L=3,600 mm;

    telescopic hydraulic jack ГУАР.30М.03.43.000-01, L=2,400 mm;

    three-plunger telescopic hydraulic jack У15-ГТТУ-01.000-01;

    hydraulic jack У10-УРАГ.000-У (for side platform);

    hydraulic lift У15-УРАГ.03.02.000-У

    pumping station НС.УРАГ.00.000-М

    control panel У15-УРАГ.000

    hinge У15-УРАГ.07.02.000 (pass)

    hinge У15-УРАГ 07.02.000-01 (end)

    load link chain П-25,4-200-3-3, 69 links, GOST 23540-79 (pin and connecting link assembly) (one set includes 2 chains)

    Lift kickout mechanism У15-УРАГ.07.01.000

    roller У15-УРАГ 03.02.040-У (lift)

    carriage У15-УРАГ 03.02.020 У (lift)

    roller У15-УРАГ 02.02.049 (for platform)

    supporting roller У10-РГБ-1А.01.400 (for platform)

    spring У15-УРАГ 01.00.004

    disk ГУАР 30М.03.43.051

    plug ГУАР 30М.03.43.052

    cover ГУАР 30М.03.43.005

    pipelines У15-УРАГ

    tee-joint У15-УРАГ

Spare parts for pumping station НС.УРАГ.00.000

    spool hydraulic distribution valve 1РН203 — М — 574А УХЛ4

    check valve Г 51-36

    pressure gage ТМ-520 (with adapter and glycerol filling)

    electric magnet ЭД11101УЗ 160N40mm

    hydraulic pressure valve ВГ 54-36 УХЛ

    half-coupling НС.УРАГ.00.001

    half-coupling НС.УРАГ.00.002

    chain ПР 25,4-5670, 40 links

    link С-ПР-25,4-6000

    gear pump НШ-100-2

Mechanical rubber goods for pumping station НС-УРАГ.00.000 GOST 9833

    ring 011-016-30-2-2

    ring 023-029-36-2-2

    ring 028-032-25-2-2

    ring 042-50-46-2-2

    ring 070-080-58-2-2

Mechanical rubber goods for hydraulic cylinders ГУАР 30М 03.43.000-01(У) GOST 9041

    sleeve 150х180

    sleeve 190х220

    supporting ring 150х180

    supporting ring 190х220

    pressure ring 150х180

    pressure ring 190х220

Mechanical rubber goods for side-platform hydraulic jack У10-УРАГ.000-У GOST 9041

    supporting ring 190х220

    pressure ring 190х220

    sleeve 190х220

Mechanical rubber goods for pipelines GOST 9833

    ring 011-016-30-2-2

    ring 042-050-46-2-2

    ring 022-028-36-2-2

    ring 032-040-46-2-2

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