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Today, Elevatormelmash JSC enterprise manufactures over two hundred types of mill and elevator equipment, over twenty-five types of industrial boilers and over twenty types of tillage machinery and industrial boilers.

The enterprise renders the following services:

    - plasma-arc and water jet cutting of various materials up to 200 mm thick;

    - manufacturing of articles on the CNC rolling and bending machine;

    - production of various structural steel.

Plasma-arc cutting
Elevatormelmash JSC performs foundry production of ferrous and non-ferrous metals on a professional basis and manufactures molded pieces made of cast iron and non-ferrous alloys based on the customer’s sketch.

Water jet cutting
Unique technology capable of cutting of various materials, including glass, plastic, metal and much more.

Manufacturing of articles on the CNC rolling and bending machine
It makes it possible to manufacture complex profiles, roofing elements, weatherings, etc. Such machine is essential in any bending works.

Production of structural steel
Structural steel is manufactured by individual parameters subject to all customer’s expectations

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