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Structural steel

Elevatormelmash JSC manufactures various structural steel.

The plant manufactures structural steel both based on customer’s drawings and based on detail drawings executed by designers of the technical section of Elevatormelmash JSC based on “SS” (structural steel) drawings provided by the customer. Structural steel is manufactured by individual parameters subject to all customer’s expectations. Products are individual elements of the facility. Structural steel meets all necessary requirements and is manufactured pursuant to the design documentation.


We manufacture: structural steel

  • Ladders, fences.   

  • Foundation bolts.   

  • Embeds   

  • Pipeline supports.   

  • Containers.   

  • Construction structural steel:





            trusses (up to 15 m long and up to 8 tons heavy) based on customer’s detail drawings.

To produce structural steel, Elevatormelmash JSC plant has qualified specialists, production facilities, rolled metal processing equipment: hydraulic and two-crank presses, guillotine shears, three- and four-roll CNC machines for rim bending, CNC plasma-arc and water jet cutting machines.

Welding of products is performed on special welding benches using semi-automatic welding machines using CO2 welding or manual arc welding with electrodes.

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